Lake Lanier is located in Greenville County, South Carolina and is served by the Tryon Fire Department through a contract with the Foothills Fire Service Area Board.  These elected officials work closely with both the Tryon and Landrum Fire Departments regarding fire protection in and around the lake.  The following offers some safety information regarding the Lake Lanier area.

- The lake and lake bed are owned by the Town of Tryon.

- For ALL emergencies, dial 911.  It is preferred that you call from a land line, as 911 centers can easily identify your address.  If you call from a cell phone, you will receive one of 3 911 centers - Polk County, Greenville County, or Spartanburg County.  Tell the dispatcher your emergency and your location.  If your emergency involves either fire or medical assistance, be sure to tell the dispatcher that you need Tryon Fire Department, which is dispatched by Polk County.

- Fire protection on the lake and surrounding areas is provided by the Tryon Fire Department.  Tryon also provides EMS service in conjunction with both Polk County EMS and Greenville County EMS.

- Law enforcement protection is provided by the Greenville County Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff's Office should be contacted for all nuisance complaints as well (fireworks, noise, etc.).

- If you plan to have a controlled burn at your property, click here for information regarding open air burning in South Carolina.

- Tryon Fire Department encourages you to avoid parking on the side of the road if at all possible.  Most of the roads in and around Lake Lanier are very narrow, and thus difficult for a fire truck or ambulance to navigate.  Parked cars add an extra obstacle when responding to emergencies.

- The Town of Tryon issues permits for any structure (new construction or remodeling) that encroaches into the lake.  Prior to any construction of a dock, boathouse, or any structure over the water a Lake Lanier Encroachment Application must be filed (and approved) with the Town of Tryon.  This document will be required to be shown when requesting a building permit from Greenville County.  You must then provide the Town of Tryon with a copy of the issued building permit or other official documentation from Greenville County.  Failure to do so could lead to revocation of your Lake Lanier Encroachment Application. Please note - zoning permits obtained from the Town do not exclude or excuse parties from obtaining, and properly displaying, permits required by the Greenville County building inspector.  More information, including permit fee costs, can be obtained by clicking here.

- If you have questions, please contact the Tryon Fire Department at 828-859-9566.